Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quick update!

Hi lovelies! Happy new years!

First off I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season! I know I did! Only now has the commotion around here started to simmer down...though not for long (birthdays!! mine included!). Family, parties...and life, what can I say? <3

Anyhow...I apologize for taking such a long and unannounced hiatus. As I already mentioned, a huge reason for it was the holidays...I have been so busy! And another has been...horribly broken nails which I am desperately trying to take care of with the use of gel polish. :( So not a whole lot of polishing has been going on around here. Buuut...I still love nail polish and I still have a huge obsession lol so look forward to some posts from me very soon! :D I hope you are all doing well! And can't wait to share some nail art/swatches with you!

xoxo, Wendy

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A traditional french NOTD w/ accent nails

Hola! <3 Gosh, it feels like forever since I've painted my nails because I'm still trying to grow them out a little and using gel polish to prevent any breaks. I loooove how these rockstar manis look but I would hate to cover them up with polish but I also hate not polishing every day!! Ahhh! First world problems, much? lol

So today I want to show you guys a simple (traditional) french I did. I know many of the NB community/nail blogs are not in to french manicures but I honestly don't have a problem with them myself. they kinda make your nails look fake sometimes (since so many acrylic wearers sport a french) but people ask me if my nails are fake as it is all the time, so mehh, whatevs lol They are cute if done right imo! :)

Hola chicas! Ahora les tengo una foto de un french manicure que me hize ya dias. Tengo mas de una semana de no pintarme las uñas porque estoy usando esmalte de gel :) porque quiero que me crezcan un poquito mas las uñas. Espero enseñarles pronto mis rockstar nails que me eh hecho estas ultimas dos veces.

For this french manicure I used Finger Paints - Paper Mache for the tips, and Pro10 - 415 (Pinky Promise) for the nude color all over my nail. The flower design was done with acrylic paint and a dotting tool, the black was also done with acrylic paint and a thin striping brush. The stud in the center is the 2mm gold circular studs from born pretty store.

Hope you are all doing wonderful! Thanks for stopping by <3

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finger Paints : Avante Garde Green

Hi ladies! Quick post today.

Hope you all that celebrate had a safe and happy Halloween! I had a pretty good time carving my pumpkin (I chose to do the mocking jay pin from The Hunger Games this year) and handing out candy dressed up as a strange sugar skull with a wig and cape on lol. Hey, it was literally thrown together in under 10 minutes! :) On to nails!

Finger Paints - Avante Garde Green, 2 coats/capas


And what the heck guys...November already?!?! I just can't believe it. Feels like all the end of the year festivities just passed us by a couple of months ago! Anyway, happy November first! <3

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Several NOTDs

Before I go on about nails, as many of you already know, the east coast has been hit by Sandy. I hope that any of you in the area are safe! My prayers go out to you all. Having been through my first hurricane four years ago...the stress and hardships that come with a hurricane are all too fresh in my memory and by no means fun at all. :(

So here I have a few random NOTD's that I have in my photobucket. I was so good about editing tons of pictures one night but haven't been good about posting, sorry! Has anyone else been enjoying all the Halloween events and parties?! I have...maybe too much! :) I also apologize for not doing any Halloween mani's...I did one but haven't gotten around to taking it off my camera's memory card. Plus, I have been sporting another glitter gradient gel mani for a few days now because I randomly decided I wanted to let my nails grow out a little...just to be different! (And I'm just dying to take it off! lol) Whew ok...enough rambling!

This here is my first gradient mani. I need to try this again really soon because it looked so awesome! Got tons of compliments even though it wasn't great. :(

I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors - Lavender then sponged on Sinful Colors - Rainstorm on the tips.

This is another one of my terrible pictures and I definitely have to redo this mani. Believe it or not I've been hoarding this picture since early this year. I used an Essence blue with Finger Paints - Twistsed. And OMG I <3 Twisted!

In this picture below was my first time using a magnetic polish. It's the blue one from Icing. I had such an easy time doing this that I went crazy buying all kinds of magnetics thinking they would all be the same. Then I tried doing it again and...ugh...let's just say magnetics and I don't get along very well! lol

Wow...looks like I really like my blues! lol Anyway, hope you enjoyed <3 Until next time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gradient Rockstar Nails

Hey loves! A few weeks ago I mentioned taking off a two day old gel mani to swatch the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength's I found while doing my rounds around the cosmetic area at HEB (a Texas grocery store). It was such an awesome mani and I just found a picture of it in my photobucket! Figured I should post it since I've had a few people coming here looking for scrubbed in glitter manicures!

Hola! Hace unas semanas atrás mencione que me había quitado una manicura de gel después de dos días porque les quería ensenar swatches de los esmaltes Sally Hansen Diamond Strength que encontré en HEB (un super aquí en Texas). Mientras buscaba algo para enseñarles hoy encontré la foto de esa manicura y se las quiero enseñar!

Products used/Productos usados: 

Gelish: Foundation Gel
Gelish: Tiger Blossum (yes...that is how it is spelled on my bottle, maybe it's a typo?)
Gelish: Top It Off, 2 coats.
Large hex glitter was part of a pack I bought on eBay
Artsy Fartsy Glitter: Holo deep red, holo orange and holo gold.
Sensationail: The LED light from the starter kit!

edit: I should mention I was inspired by the user Beesknees67 on Purseforum. She does such lovely gel manis!

make sure you click the picture if you want to see it in more detail! :)

I looooooooove rockstair nails. Have you tried them out?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Some [not so pretty] NOTD's

Hey all!

Today's post is just going to be a compilation of NOTD's that didn't turn out all that great. I'm shocked I even took pictures of these manis but I'm glad I did because it shows me that I have improved a little! :) Yay!

I'm still desperately searching for a nice yellow polish. This one is Kleancolor - Neon Yellow, about 3 coats topped with Spoiled - Pet my Peacock. Ugh, worst yellow polish ever.

Oh, Robin Moses, you make painting on nails look SO easy lol I always feel so motivated after watching her videos and then I get results like these when trying to recreate her manis:

(This is 2 coats of China Glaze - Agro with free-handed acrylic paint 'flowers')

And last but not least, a funky french attempt. I free-handed it so I have to give myself some credit but...

(I honestly don't remember what was used...only that the black is acrylic paint)

Oh! Hold on...found one more terrible picture! This mani was actually awesome IRL. It was lose holographic glitter that I sprinkled over wet polish! :) The camera just never wanted to focus. :(

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

Monday, October 15, 2012

OPI - Care to Danse?

Hey girlies! Hope you all had a great weekend!

A few months ago I finally caved in and bought most of the OPI Ballet collection. They were untried for so long because 1...I LOVE wearing bright and fun colors and nails are always stained as a result of that and these colors are so sheer. Eventually there came a day where I was feeling like wearing something delicate and gentle on the eyes and OPI Care to danse? was just what I was needing! I probably should have buffed out the staining on my nails before doing this mani, though (oops, sorry! I promise it didn't show IRL). Along with the OPI's I bought that day were some Jordana glitter polishes that were also untried so I slapped on Jordana - Pixie Pink...and oh man, I was in love. Hope you guys like! <3

Hola! Espero que hayan tenido un feliz fin de semana!

Hace unos meses atrás compre varios colores de la colección Ballet de OPI. Pase mucho tiempo sin usarlos ya que prefiero ponerme colores oscuros o llamativos pero llego el dia en que quise ponerme algo mas suave y el color Care to Danse? fue el color perfecto para el look que queria! Y como jamas puedo dejar algo en paz...le puse un glitter de Jordana que se llama Pixie Pink...creo que esto fue una combinación perfecta! Espero que les guste! <3

OPI - Care to Danse? 3 coats/capas with 1 coat/capa of Jordana - Pixie Pink